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Unlock the “Stat Key” to my Heart….Happy Valentine’s Day 2010

Unlock the "Stat Key" to my Heart

Happy Valentine's Day 2010

Stat Key is the worlds first branded designer key…First and foremost, great design comes in simplicity, and if that simplicity can get baked down to ridding itself of everything it doesn’t need, and is left with only what is necessary, you have an iconic design. If we design for reason in combination with functionality, and design with the intent to solve problems and be stylish.

~This is the point where the design is lethal~

About the creative mind and designer of Stat Key… As a young designer, Greg Stoermer’s dream was to design cars. In hot pursuit of that dream he graduated from Art Center and was hired at a major car manufacturer designing their cars when he was 23. Finding out quickly the politics, ego’s and the stifling of creativity design bosses within the car design world, he left it after 10 months on the job. At which point, his strong desire to make useful, iconic, high quality design turned to seek a market in need. Arriving on the key market, he thought ‘what a wide open market with virtually no competition’. Its not because he had a burning desire to design keys, rather, his strong desire comes in useful, iconic design, despite the subject matter. Now Greg Stoermer is 25, he is given free reign to design without limits, doing things the world has never seen or thought about…..like a branded, high quality, iconic key…

Keys and what inspires him in the designs: Simplicity, Functionality, and Style all wrapped into one. For the keys, each shape has been made to target an audience. Because everyone has keys, Stat Key’s target audience is everyone, but not with EVERY key. These designs have been set up to hit a broad yet personalized audience. When people see our designs, they will see at least one that they fall in love with. The House key our best seller, has been simplified to be clearly a house, yet still Iconic. Solving and age old problem, all Stat Keys are easily distinguishable on your key chain to help differentiate one from the other, as well as be functional.

Stat Key has a key for the mom, the business owner, the athlete, the valet, the babysitter, the pet lover, the bride and groom, the romantic, the real estate agent and the list goes on…. if you don’t find a key you love on our website we’ll customize it for you as well as laser print your company logo or info on the keys.

For Press/Media Inquiries
Misty Griffey
Extreme PR
Email: mgriffey@statkeycompany.com
Phone: 865.680.6348

**Now available at http://www.target.com**