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Suzanne DeLaurentiis Hosted Art Exhibit And Book Signing To Benefit Charity…

On Saturday January 12 Los Angeles based artist Ronnie Watson and author/film-maker Michael Mandaville hosted successful benefit for Suzanne DeLaurentiis Veterans Charities at Naya Sunset. Guests couldn’t stop talking about the wonderful black and white art pieces by Ronnie Watson and were thrilled to meet Michael Mandaville, author of “A Cold Death”.

Born in Los Angeles, Ronnie Watson is a self-taught black and white-medium artist inspired by his older brother Parris that was also an artist. He has been passionate about his arts his whole life. Ronnie will launch his collection this fall in Los Angeles. Ronnie Watson is one of those extremely talented artists. He sketches many types of portraits, but his best work involves sketching women and the female form.

Ronnie is dedicated to creativity and interested in supporting the artistic community by actively participating in charities to benefit cancer as well as all types of charities around the world. We are showcasing his work globally. Ronnie hopes to empower artists, creativity and innovation. For more information please visit: www.ronniewatsonart.wordpress.com.

Michael Mandaville is a professional filmmaker, media professional and World War II history fanatic. He has written the thriller “Stealing Thunder” and “Citizen Soldier Handbook: 101 Ways For Every American To Fight Terrorism.” He also has a M.A. in Professional Writing from USC. “A Cold Death” is about a Paris, American film student Adele Longet that is murdered. On a hot summer night, when a famed music festival shuts down the City of Light, he searches for a drug lab with answers to Adele’s murder – and the clue to his own daughter’s kidnaping – before he loses her to “A Cold Death”. www.MichaelMandaville.com

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“ManHunt” On Ballot For Most Anticipated Horror Film Of 2013…

Los Angeles based producer Suzanne DeLaurentiis recently teamed up with Jay Lee (Scream HQ) for a thriller with former WWE superstar/professional football star Gene Snisky. Manhunt takes you through the journey of a hunted ex-wrestler who fights for his life in the ultimate wrestler versus psycho mountain man winner-takes-all… ManHunt is honored to be on the ballot for the most anticipated horror film of 2013 along with Evil Dead and Carrie remakes.

Manhunt is about Buck Severs, a world-wrestling champion that has been down on his luck for the past three years. After a family tragedy and a major injury in the ring Buck decides to return to “Bro’s Weekend” with his three best friends and try to put some perspective into his life. Buck learns a little too late that the weekend will take place on a Wildlife Preserve that has been closed for 40years (a densely forested no-man’s land of no laws, no rangers and no rules).

Unfortunately for Buck, he finds out that on the preserve lives a wild man, a feral and inbred killer whose one pleasure is to hunt the humans that dare to trespass onto his domain. It will be up to Buck to find the fighter within himself if he is to survive the weekend, and if he is to win the ultimate wrestler versus psycho killer mountain man winner – takes- all.

Scream HQ is dedicated to producing quality and entertaining films in the horror, sci-fi and cult genres including: Zombie Strippers, Alyce, The House with 100 Eyes among others. Led by the talented brother and sister team of Angela and Jay Lee, and with 30 years combined production experience; they have put together a team of equally talented and enthusiastic artists.

More about Suzanne DeLaurentiis:
Some of Suzanne’s independent filmmaking credits include 10th & Wolf, The Grief Tourist, How Sweet It Is, Area 407, Out of the Black, Shut-up Kiss and Me, A Month of Sundays, Stone Markers.

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Factory Entertainment Group Along With Suzanne DeLaurentiis Productoins Hosted A Successful Sneak Preview Screening Of “How Sweet It Is” At Muvico Pompano Theater …

(Pompano Beach, FL) On Saturday October 27, 2012 Factory Entertainment Group Executive Producers Rick Finkelstein, Steven Chase, Matthew L. Weiner, Keith Weiner and Suzanne DeLaurentiis hosted a sneak preview screening of “How Sweet It Is” at Muvico Pomano Theater. The producers and directors were elated to see there were no empty seats and beyond thrilled to receive a standing ovation at the end of the film.

Special guest stars from the film included: Joe Piscopo, Louis Lombardi, Erich Bergen, Michael Guarnera, and special guest appearance by Scott L. Schwartz (Ocean’s 11, 12, 13), Neely Gurman (casting for “How Sweet It Is”) and Brian Herzlinger (“How Sweet It Is” director/writer).

This film premiere was truly a VIP premiere that included complimentary drink, popcorn, a custom wrapped “How Sweet It Is” Hershey’s candy bar and gift bags. Gift bag sponsors included: Naturel Lyfe Essentials, Food Should Taste Good, Alikay Naturals, Quest bars, Behave Hair and Factory Entertainment Group.

Special thanks to Pompano Today magazine and Marlyn Hodgens (Managing Director) of Muvico Broward 18 and her amazing staff for their hard work and help to make sure the screening was successful.

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Movie Summary:
The film is a musical comedy with mafia undertones starring: Joe Piscopo, Paul Sorvino, Erika Christensen, Steven Chase, Erich Bergen, and includes a cameo by Eddie Griffin. “How Sweet It Is” invites ticket holders into the path of Jack Cosmo (Joe Piscopo), an alcoholic director that needs to produce a successful musical in order to pay off his debt to mob boss Big Mike (Paul Sorvino), but problems arise when the wise guys want to cast the people that owe them money. However, Jack has one last chance to revitalize his career, and it all hinges on his new musical production called “How Sweet It Is,” which must have a strong opening night. This wouldn’t normally be a problem, except that Big Mike (mob boss) fancies himself a casting director and insists that the cast will consist of deadbeats and criminals that owe him money. Jack doesn’t have a choice but to go along with the plan… Original score by Matt Dahan.

Directed by:
Brian Herzlinger

Produced by:
Steven Chase, Rick Finkelstein, Suzanne DeLaurentiis, Ivan Kavalsky, Keith Weiner and Matthew L. Weiner

Written by:

Brain Herzlinger and Jay Black

Movie website: http://howsweetitismovie.wordpress.com/epk/

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Stephanie Drapeau & Andre Gordon of 4Horsemen Films release “Wedding Day” at Downtown Independent Theater…

Wednesday April 18, 2012, (Los Angeles, CA) 4Horsemen Films’ partners Andre Gordon and Stephanie Drapeau are the producers of the thriller “Wedding Day”, which is scheduled for a limited theatrical release this Saturday at 7pm in the Downtown Independent Theater (251 S. Main St, Los Angeles, CA). Andre Gordon, who also wrote/directed the film, was joined by Dale Fabrigar, co-director, and Everette Wallin, co-writer, to bring the story to life. ”Wedding Day” caught the attention of Hollywood Producer Suzanne DeLaurentiis, who came on as an Executive Producer midway through production. To purchase tickets online please visit: www.downtownindependent.com/events/wedding-day-i-love-you-to-death-double-feature.

Wedding days and wedding day plans are always stressful at best. At worst… they can be downright deadly. This unique suspense thriller braids together three stories tightly wound around one Wedding Day, where the best day of two couples’ lives quickly unravels into their worst nightmare. However within both couples a deadly plot grows. And on that very same day, in the very same venue, both weddings in adjoining ballrooms explode in tragedy. Revenge and redemption drive a pastor, a jealous brother, and a drug-induced friend to wreak havoc upon this celebration of true love. The movie stars C .Thomas Howell (Southland) and David Koechner (Final Destination 5, The Office). It also stars Stephanie Drapeau, Sean Field, Kate Siegel, James Lyons and Andre Gordon. For more information please: visit www.weddingdaymovie.net.

Stephanie Drapeau is a partner of 4Horsemen Films where she currently serves as the Partner/EVP. Stephanie’s most recent film achievements include producing & acting in Wedding Day, starring David Koechner (Final Destination 5, The Office) and Lisa Anne Walter (Bruce Almighty), Wish Wizard, with Academy Award winner Morgan Freeman and Ed Begley Jr. (Pineapple Express) and Sony Pictures’ Cross, starring Academy Award nominee Michael Clarke Duncan (The Green Mile) and Vinny Jones (X-Men). Stephanie is now devoting her attention to the production of Posession, ensuring the success of this film in both the financial and creative realms.

Andre Gordon is the President and CEO of 4Horsemen Films. From acting to writing, directing to producing, Andre uses every avenue in his spectrum to share his creative vision. Andre has been successfully producing, acting, writing and directing for nearly a decade. The range in his body of work speaks to his unique and creative talents. Andre has worked theatrically in both film and television, which includes guest appearances on: NCIS:LA, ABC Family’s Switched At Birth, MAD TV, Campus Ladies, Scrubs, Phineas and Ferb, Zoey 101, among others. Andre has produced and directed films with seasoned actors like Michael Clarke Duncan, Vinnie Jones and Brian Austin Green, The Legendary Jerry Rice, Morgan Freeman and Ed Bagley Jr., among others…

For more information on 4Horsemen Films please visit: www.4HorsemenFilms.com.

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Hollywood Producer Suzanne DeLaurentiis returns to Oregon to support Oregon National Guard and the Reintegration Team…

March 18, 2012 (Hollywood, CA) Producer Suzanne DeLaurentiis recently returned to Portland, Oregon to show her continued support for the Oregon National Guard and the Reintegration Team. This isn’t a glamorous, high profile event by any stretch of the imagination; people like Suzanne do this because it holds a special place in their hearts, as well it should. Suzanne was presented for the second time with the Oregon Commendation Plaque, a true honor, and one that she doesn’t take lightly. Her mission is to make sure the Vets know how much they are appreciated for protecting our country and make sure they all are able to find jobs upon their return home.

What most people don’t realize is that our Veteran’s return from horrors that most of us don’t even want to imagine and are then put in a position where they have to put their lives back together. These are men and women who put their lives on the line every day that they are in the service, and when they come home, they can’t even get a job.

When Suzanne first heard about the Oregon National Guard and the Reintegration Team, spearheaded by Master Sgt. Vinnie Jaques, she knew that she had to get involved, and she has been ever since. She’s hosted numerous charity events for the Organization, adds messages promoting the Military at the end of every film, and is constantly reaching out to her Hollywood colleagues both for donations and to spread the word about the lives our Veterans are coming back to.

If you walk into the typical Producer’s office in Hollywood, the first thing you’re most likely to see are recent posters of movies that they’ve made or an award from the industry. The first thing you see when you walk into Suzanne’s office is her accommodation medal from the Oregon National Guard. “I make movies, and the men and women of our military make it possible for me to do what I do for a living. In the grand scheme of things, I think it’s obvious which one of us has the most harder job.”

On Saturday March 10, Suzanne went out in less than stellar weather conditions to the tarmac to see Captain Tyler Eikenberry, commander of 7-158 Aviation, to see him off on his mission to Afghanistan. Watching him board the Blackhawk Helicopter was a particularly moving event for Ms. DeLaurentiis. “I can never quite comprehend the selflessness of our soldiers. It’s something you never get used to.”

Lt. Col. John Middaugh, the new commander of the 1249th Engineers, said, “Her presence here was great! She made a lot of effort to come here and that was something special–besides the financial support, I think the symbolic gesture was great too; what she did was very clear to the troops and they sincerely appreciated it.” Yes, the financial support is much needed, but so is something that money can’t buy: a shoulder to cry on or somebody who is just willing to listen. More than anything, that’s what this trip was about – Ms. DeLaurentiis just being there for the troops in whatever capacity they needed. If they wanted to talk about their fears about combat, Suzanne listened. If they wanted to talk about coming home and trying to readjust, Suzanne offered advice. If they just wanted that shoulder to cry on, she was that too.

Suzanne was honored to be doing this for our servicemen and women, but at the end of the day, she was the one being given praise and recognition. “It breaks my heart. Some of these men and women won’t be coming home. They are the ones who deserve all of the praise and recognition.” Her reaction to this honor gave all attendees a glimpse into her heart: she was the one crying now…

More about Suzanne DeLaurentiis: www.suzannedelaurentiisproductions.com.

Written By: Chris Hlad
Photos by: Extreme PR & Cory Grogan

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Hollywood Producer Suzanne DeLaurentiis helps veterans in Portland, OR…

Concert and Career and Benefits Fair

Friday March 9 – Saturday March 10, 2012
Written by: Cory Grogan
Oregon Military Department Public Affairs’

Salem, Ore. — All service members, veterans and their families, as well as media, are invited to attend a Career and Benefits Fair event sponsored by the Oregon National Guard’s Joint Transition Assistance Program, Saturday March 10, at Cascade Hall on the Salem Fairgrounds from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

There is also a free concert at the Salem Armory, Friday March 9, with an on-site donation of a non-perishable food item (canned or boxed) to the Marion County Food Bank, or a $5 donation to the food bank. Doors open at 7:00 p.m. and the concert is scheduled to include performances by eight popular performers including the bands “Amerakin Overdose” and “Billy the Kid.”

Suzanne DeLaurentiis, Hollywood producer and president of Suzanne DeLaurentiis Productions, is the guest speaker at both events. She is a previous recipient of the Oregon National Guard Commendation Medal who has supported service members and their families through philanthropy, and by raising awareness of their sacrifices through film and other outlets.

“It has always been my passion to help these brave men and women who have sacrificed so much to keep our country free. It’s important that we take care of them when they come home,” DeLaurentiis said.

Suzanne said she was inspired after she played the film “This is War: Memories of Iraq” at one of her film festivals. The film documents the deployment to the Oregon National Guard’s 2nd Battalion, 162 Infantry Regiment.

“This is an opportunity to thank vets and stock the food shelves,” said concert organizer Shaun Bell who is a former Marine, and owner of 3 Boyz Records. The concert will honor disabled veterans and promote the career and benefits fair the next day. The career and benefits fair will include major employers, local businesses, trade schools, community colleges, universities, benefits information providers, career counseling, internship programs, apprenticeships and more.

Cory E. Grogan
Oregon Military Department Public Affairs
Cell: 503-856-5757
Email: corygrogan@msn.com

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