Celebrities show their support for “An Evening With NO LIMITS” Benefit for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Children…

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Ricky Schroder (NYPD Blue) and Sean Kanan (The Bold And The Beautiful, The Young And The Restless) will present at “An Evening With NO LIMITS” on Saturday June 2nd at 8pm in the elegant Hollywood home of Jerry and Adi Greenberg. This benefit will include a night of entertainment with celebrity guests, award presentations, live auction and a special presentation by the children of No Limits.

Honoring: John Paul Dejoria, Winn Claybaugh, Angus Mitchell (Paul Mitchell the School), Robert Ulrich (Casting Director of “Glee”. This glamorous night is catered by Master Chef Stefan Richter (Top Chef finalist and owner of L.A. Farm). Special Guests: Scott L. Schwartz, Maxwell Ford, Kathy Buckley, Stephanie Drapeau, Andre Gordon, Robera Sparta, Fritz Coleman, Spencer Day, Chantal Kreviazuk, among others…

More about No Limits:
The mission of No Limits is to meet the auditory, speech and language needs of deaf children and enhance their confidence through the theatrical arts and individual therapy as well as provide family support and community awareness on the needs and talents of deaf children who are learning to speak.

Vision Statement
No Limits believes in building the self esteem and communication skills of every child with a hearing loss by giving the highest quality of services so they can reach his/her potential regardless of his/her economic status. They strongly believe that parents must be actively involved and educated in this process as they are a key a factor in the success of their child

Event Details: www.aneveningwithnolimits.com

No Limits for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children:

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Changing Hands Trailer…


The Modern Gentleman: Cooking and Entertaining With Sean Kanan

“I think my fans from Daytime will enjoy this book.”

Sean Kanan’s new book, The Modern Gentleman: Cooking and Entertaining With Sean Kanan, goes beyond ‘a cookbook’ and has the potential to appeal to all kinds of readers – not just men. Readers will be drawn in by the easy and witty writing style, the attention to detail, and all of Sean’s fans will be thrilled with the personal anecdotes within. Those who read this book will learn that a man can treat his date or significant other with class and still be cool at the same time, and Sean lays out exactly how to get there by sharing his own travel, culinary, entertaining, and life experiences. The recipes look amazing, and if the kitchen intimidates you, the detail provided about how to approach gourmet cooking is impressive. If you buy the book through The Modern Gentleman, Sean will autograph your copy. Keep reading to hear what Sean told Soaps.com about the book, his busy life right now, and his role in Daytime.

Soaps.com: Your book is so much more than a cookbook, what is the larger concept here?

Sean: I think a lot of guys are confused in the sense that they’re saying, “Am I supposed to be the guy who talks about my feelings – sensitive, vulnerable, communicative – or am I supposed to be the Alpha male – strong, able to take charge, and a problem-solver?” The fact of the matter is it’s somewhere in between and a bit of both. So, really what this book is about is how to take the very best of guys from a generation ago, like Gregory Peck, Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, who know what it was to be a ‘guy’s guy’ and a gentleman effortlessly, and the development that men achieved as a result of the women’s movement, and fuse them together. To help guys become better guys, and to help women understand how guys think (or at least how this guy thinks). That’s the essence of it – that’s one part of it. The other part of it is to teach men, or women, how to use food as a metaphor for connection, how to get in touch with your authentic self, and to learn to engage the senses in the way of engaging people.

Soaps.com: It was interesting that the book went beyond ‘these are the utensils you use, these are the recipes, and this is how you set the table’. You have chapters on entertaining, languages, and even how to buy a diamond ring. What made you decide to take it there?

Sean: I’ve had the good fortune of leading a pretty interesting life. I’ve learned a lot along the way, I’ve made a lot of mistakes, and I’ve been involved with some very interesting women who taught me a lot of stuff. I love to throw dinner parties; a lot of people who have been to my parties say, “Wow, you should open up a restaurant.” That’s probably the quickest way for someone who doesn’t know about the restaurant business to be separated from their money, so I decided to write a book. It began as a more traditional cookbook, and very quickly I realized that I had the opportunity to make more of an impact. In the book I talk about my work with the anti-defamation league – I wanted to find a way to bridge the gap and see what that nexus was between my work with bullying and cyber-bullying and the book. As Michele [Sean’s girlfriend] said, young men who are taught to be gentlemen grow up to be tolerant, giving, loving, strong guys, as opposed to growing up to be insecure bullies. I wanted to fuse my passion for cooking with what I’ve learned about being a guy.

Soaps.com: Your experiences in Italy also figure into the book.

Sean: My experiences in Italy had a profound effect on me. I learned how to speak Italian and I have lifelong friends in Italy. It started out when I was on “The Bold and the Beautiful” and I realized how popular the show was there – something sparked in me, and I realized if I could learn to speak Italian I could probably have an entire second career. I still study every day. When you live in a foreign country, you learn what it means to be a gentleman in a different culture. I also learned some great cooking lessons in Italy. It’s little bits and pieces of my life – I didn’t expect the book to be quite as autobiographical as it turned out to be. I’m working on another book right now that is even more autobiographical and has nothing to do with cooking. It’s kind of like a ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul/Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff’, but in a much more detailed way using my life experiences as a backdrop.

Soaps.com: You’ve got some marketing and contests happening related to The Modern Gentleman?

Sean: Yes, if people would please follow me on Twitter @seankanan. Also, I’m doing a blog right now, leading up to the book coming out, and trying to be really honest and candid about what it’s like. I’m doing one contest where I’m going to give an exact replica of my ‘Elvis Kit’ [from the book] to someone once 10,000 people ‘like’ the book’s Facebook site. I’m also giving three autographed black belts away – because I was in “Karate Kid III” – when I get 5,000 followers on Twitter. There are three beautiful black belts with the person’s name written in silver and a picture of myself and Ralph Macchio from “Karate Kid” for the winners.

Sean Kanan (S. Kanan)
Soaps.com: The book is available for pre-order right now?

Sean: Yes, the book is available for pre-order. It comes out on September 13, and people can buy it on Amazon or through my website, where I will be glad to sign it for them if they like.

Soaps.com: Do you have any other appearances coming up besides your book signings?

Sean: I will be appearing on Red Eye on FOX News, which I’m recurring on. I tape it on September 12 and it will air at 3.00 AM EST September 13.

Soaps.com: I heard a funny story about your hair color the other day…

Sean: Oh my God! I did this feature called, My Trip To The Darkside, and I was playing an Italian guy so I dyed my hair dark brown. I was doing the show and it was dark brown – they didn’t seem to notice on “Y&R” – but I was like, “I want to go back to my normal color,” so Michele, my lovely girlfriend, she tried to help me pull out the dark and it went orange! [laughs] So, I was a ‘ginger’ for a couple days.

Soaps.com: What else are you working on?

Sean: I did back-to-back independent films, both of which have not come out yet, and it looks like I’m going to be playing the lead in a film called “Angel Falls,” which is kind of going to be a big deal for me. I’ve been in meetings with the producers and director and it’s one of the best scripts I’ve read in the last five years.

Soaps.com: Switching gears to “Y&R,” what’s happening with Deacon?

Sean: The last stuff I taped was with Michelle Stafford [Phyllis] where I was sort of starting to date her and tell her I was aware of inconsistencies in her story with the murder of Diane [Maura West]. It looks like there’s something going on [with Deacon and Phyllis] and then it just stops. I have no idea what is going on with my character over there. I have no idea when I’m working next. I have no shows scheduled, and I don’t know if they’re going to be calling me to return, or if I will be available to return if they call me.

Soaps.com: Soaps.com readers have been speculating on the message boards about Deacon returning to “B&B.”

Sean: I saw that too, and I don’t think that’s true either, although that is something I would really love to do. I’ve made no bones about that at all. That was such a great, fun time in my life and I loved working with Brad Bell. I loved what Brad would write for me. If Brad called me to come back and I was available to do it, I would love to. There’s a lot of reason [for the character] to go back.

“I appreciate all of the support the fans have given me, they’ve been very kind over the years, and if they like me and like the character that I play, I certainly talk about some of my experiences in Daytime in the book – not a whole lot – I touch on it,” Sean stated. “In the new book I’m doing I talk about it a lot more, but I think my fans from Daytime will enjoy this book.”

– Candace Young

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Actor, Comedian, and The Young and the Restless Soap Star Sean Kanan lands recurring role on Fox News…

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June 30, 2011 (Los Angeles, CA) Sean Kanan recently secured a recurring seat as a celebrity guest star on FOX’s “Red Eye” with Greg Gutfeld. Fans all across the country love him and recognize him as the sex symbol and bad boy “Deacon Sharpe” on The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful. Sean also spends his time at charity events, autograph shows and comedy shows all over the United States.

“Red Eye’s” Greg Gutfeld has been called “outrageous and outspoken,” neither of which he denies. A libertarian political satirist, humorist, magazine editor and blogger, he is perhaps best known as the host of the Fox News Channel program “Red Eye With Greg Gutfeld.” Airing at 3:00 a.m. ET Tuesday through Saturday, the show covers a variety of topics, including news, entertainment, sports, and gossip.

This year Sean has been heavily been involved with several charities including the ADL (Anti-Defamation League). He joined the ADL in an effort to fight against bullying. As a child, he suffered from bullying and wants to let those suffering from bullying to know that they are not alone. He has conducted a number of interviews and spoken out publicly about his involvement with ADL. Other charities that Sean supports include: Reading Writing It’s Exciting, Santa’s Gift, Toys For Tots, and Scott L. Schwartz Children’s Foundation. When Sean isn’t acting he spends his time on comedy scene with recent performances at ACME Comedy Club in Hollywood, Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club in NJ, and Brokerage Entertainment Club in NY.

For updated appearances and breaking news on Sean Kanan please visit: www.SeanKanan.net.

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“Getting Back To Your Childhood” Masquerade Ball Featuring Celebrity Host: Sean Kanan

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“Getting Back To Your Childhood” Masquerade Ball
Featuring Celebrity Host: Sean Kanan

Saturday March 26, 2011

7:00pm – 9:00pm

SideBar in Glendale
(10 min from Hollywood) 1114 North Pacific Avenue
Glendale, CA 91202

Reading, Writing, It’s Exciting!
The purpose of Reading, Writing, It’s Exciting! is to mentor kids in Los Angeles in writing and reading. They work closely with schools, so that teachers handpick the students who need their help the most. Each year, Reading, Writing, It’s Exciting!:
• Teaches children how to write a story with their own ideas
• Brings out the creativity in kids with fun imagination games
• Provides mentors to help children write their own stories
• Helps children read their story out loud in front of a group
• Gives kids the opportunity to read their own creative stories in front their families and friends at a bookstore.

• According to the California Department of Education, only 41% of LAUSD
students are proficient in Language Arts (reading/writing)
• Research has shown that students who are not reading and writing at
grade level by the 3rd grade fall further and further behind their
classmates, and rarely ever catch up. (The Annie E. Casey Foundation)
• Furthermore, the numbers have shown that 50-80% of these children who can’t
read or write eventually drop out of high school, are unemployed, commit
crimes, or join gangs. (The Washington Literacy Council)
• Several states actually base their future prison building plans on these
numbers. That’s how accurate they are!
We are hoping by reaching these children now, they won’t become a part of these statistics.

Our Informal/Formal black and white masquerade ball encourages men to wear suits or tuxedos and women to wear white or black. Masks are required; some will be available for purchase at the event. (All proceeds benefit RWE). Not acceptable; typical Halloween costumes, short dresses, street clothes and scary masks.

$10.00. Tickets include entry to event, auction, entertainment, hors d’oeuvres, drinks, 2 raffle tickets.
Age Requirement: You must be 21 years old or older to attend. AB Weddings & Special Events reserves the right to refuse ticket sales when necessary.

Master of Ceremonies:
Sean Kanan (The Young and the Restless, General Hospital, The Bold and the Beautiful, Karate Kid III)
Silent Auction: Come browse our auction items donated by celebrities, local artists, local businesses and members of the charity.

Alive! Expo Green Pavilion & Mix Media Luxury Lounge hosted a successful star-studded event in honor of 2011 Oscars…

Beverly Hills (February 2011) On February 25th & 26th ALIVE! Expo Green Pavilion & Mix Media Luxury Lounge with Project Green 501c3 returned to the London Hotel in Los Angeles for their popular Oscar week extravaganza. Owners Kim Shimmel and Patrycja Siewert-Towns hosted a successful weekend of eco- education & pampering with luxurious yet earth friendly products. Attending celebrity guests included Robin Wright, who stopped by to enjoy raw food chef Jason Wrobel’s Oscar worthy vegan snacks. Beautiful Dr. Yamma Brown (daughter of the late James Brown) grooved to Kemol -DJ Green’s cool music pics and live performances produced by Koffeehouse. A Graceful Tippi Hedren stopped in to lend support for our Project Green initiative and visit her friend Maggie Jones “Slimmer Silhouette.” Composer Alan Menken got “Tangled ” up in our enormous Eco-Luxe Gift Bag!

Other Alive! Expo Green Pavilion & Project Green VIP hospitality recipients included: Celine Dion, Paula Abdul, Natalie Portman, Vanessa Branch, Quinton Aaron, Shaunie O’Neal, Sean Kanan, Adrienne Frantz, Scott Bailey, Kate Linder, David Fralick, Shar Jackson, Tony Dovolani, Chelsie Hightower, Scott L. Schwartz, Alana Curry, Alice Amter, Brett Smiley, Drew Waters, Floria Armond, Kwesi Boakye, Lady Desmond, Lady Lila, Stefanie von Pfetten, May Wang, Nicholas Guest, Roger Lim, Scotty Noyd, Steve Saxton, Tony Denison…

Some Alive! Expo Green Pavilion participants were: Dolvett Quince Body Sculptor, Wolfgang Puck Iced Coffee, Llhasa Beer, Love Gone Apparel, CSA, Best Of Raw-Jason Wrobel, Organic Valley, Slimmer Silhouette-Maggie Jones, Koffeehouse, Hint Water, Green Spa Network-Rancho La Puerta Resort, Beneveda- Dr. Thom Lobe “Electro Interstitial Scan”, My Delight Cupcakery, Blue Ice Vodka, Eaternal Plates, North American Herb & Spice (Organic Oregano Supplements), Limon Verde, Mane N Tale Hair Care, Conceived by Nature Hair Care, Organic Spa Magazine, Earth Friendly Products, Honest Tea, Gotowheatgrass.com, Bruce Thompson Jr. (“The Handbook of Love, A Guide To Your Love Life”), Kathleen Kirkwood B.R.A with Wacoal, Green Technology, Only You Can Save Energy, Fortunate Angels, among others…

Our exclusive media partner for the event was Organic Spa Magazine featuring a luxurious Eco-Luxe Celebrity gift bag filled with natural and organic spa goodies from Babor (HSR Platinum Cream), Kneipp (Pure Bliss Bath), Collagen M.D. (Advanced Connective Tissue Formula, Dietary Supplement Tissue Anti-Aging Formula Enhanced with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamins Pharmaceutical Hydrolyzed Collagen, To Go Brands, Inc. (Go Greens SuperFruits & Veggies!), SpaRitual, LacquerJonano (Peace Silk Linen Scarf), Elemis (Elemis Wild Lavender Hand and Body Wash), Aubrey Organics (Organic Lip Balm). http://www.organicspamagazine.com

For more information please visit: http://www.aliveexpogreenpavilion.com


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Iconoclasts: Christian Slater & Christopher Walken

Sean Kanan (“The Young & The Restless) channels two of Hollywood’s best for a not-to-be missed episode of “Iconoclasts.” Written and Directed by: KIRK DIEDRICH Starring: SEAN KANAN Stand-in: TRAVIS RICHEY Camera by: … ROB WOOD Edited by: TRAVIS RICHEY ACME Production Manager: ROB WOOD Produced by DAN KANE and TRAVIS RICHEY

This video premiered in “ACME Saturday Night,” the live online TV show. which features a new celebrity guest each week, as well as a musical guest! For more information and to watch live, go to http://www.acmecomedy.com