First look at the independent feature ‘Changing Hands’, starring Kevin Sorbo, Antonio Fargas, Erika Elleniak, Eddie Jemison and Vernon Wells.

Veteran actor Scott L. Schwartz (Oceans 11, 12 &13, Starsky and Hutch) makes his directorial debut with the independent feature ‘Changing Hands’. A amazing star studded cast that includes Kevin Sorbo, Antonio Fargus, Erika Elleniak, Eddie Jemison, Vernon Wells, Scott Macdonald and James Martin Kelly rounds out this extremely unique and compelling tale of fate.


Sometimes the origin of a gun is a dubious journey.
What goes around, comes around; such a true statement in every effect. ‘Changing Hands’ tells the story of a gun, and the path is takes on its journey through different hands. From stolen roots, to unscrupulous trades, to robberies and assaults, this film follows the twists and turns of the travels of the gun through a thrilling path.

Kevin Sorbo, Antonio Fargus, Erika Elleniak, Eddie Jemison, Vernon Wells, Scott Macdonald, James Martin Kelly, Carman Licciardello, Mars Crain, Tony Longo, Carl Stilliitano, Scott L. Schwartz, Sebastian Valdes, Kaylee Beth Dodson, Holt Boggs, George O’Mara and Brad Kesten.

Writer, Producer & Director – Scott L. Schwartz
Director of Photography – Michael Candelori
Sound – Stephen Moran, Med Ojastro
Set Photographer – Glen Willis
Editors – (Magic Cove Editors) Matt Fierstein & Adam Finkelstein
Producers – John Bruno, Troy Senkiewicz, Josh Newell, Mark Wilson
Marketing Producer – Matthew C. Dumond
Casting Director – Misty Griffey

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Stills and behind the scenes photos from the film can be seen on the website.

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