“Wedding Day” Writer, Director, Actor Andre Gordon Prepares For Movie Launch Into Stores…


(Hollywood, CA) Multi faceted entertainer and President of 4Horsemen Films, Andre Gordon continues to succeed in 2013 with six features in development, guest appearances on NCIS: LA, Switched At Birth, as well as booking seven commercials in just five months. On January 15, 2013, the thriller that he wrote, directed and acted in, “Wedding Day” is scheduled to release into all major stores including BestBuy, FYE Entertainment, Amazon, Blockbuster, Barnes & Noble, among others…

Andre Gordon has successfully merged his talents from acting to comedian, then writing to directing and producing. He uses every avenue in his spectrum to share his creative vision and has been successfully producing, acting, writing and directing for over a decade. The range in his body of work compliments his unique and creative talents. This multi-faceted actor has worked theatrically in both film and television including: MAD TV, Campus Ladies, Scrubs, Phineas and Ferb and Zoey 101 along with the features “Old School”, “Like Mike”, and “SWAT”. Some of his work includes producing films starring Michael Clarke Duncan, Vinnie Jones and Brian Austin Green, as well as the TV series starring the Legendary Jerry Rice, and had the honor of directing greats such as Morgan Freeman, Ed Begley Jr. and Kathryn Joosten.


4Horsemen Films’ founder and president Andre Gordon is one of the producers of the thriller “Wedding Day”, currently in a limited theatrical release at select theaters. Andre Gordon, who also wrote/directed the film, was joined by Dale Fabrigar, co-director, and Everette Wallin, co-writer, to bring the story to life. “Wedding Day” caught the attention of Hollywood Producer Suzanne DeLaurentiis, who came on as an Executive Producer midway through production. The movie stars David Koechner (Hit & Run, The Office) and C.Thomas Howell (The Amazing Spiderman,Southland), Stephanie Drapeau, Sean Field, Kate Siegel, James Lyons and Andre Gordon. Executive producers: Terry Haymond, Anan Bay, and Lyle Howry.
Official website: www.weddingdaythemovie.net.

For more information on Andre Gordon please visit: www.dregordon.com

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