The Modern Gentleman: Cooking and Entertaining With Sean Kanan

“I think my fans from Daytime will enjoy this book.”

Sean Kanan’s new book, The Modern Gentleman: Cooking and Entertaining With Sean Kanan, goes beyond ‘a cookbook’ and has the potential to appeal to all kinds of readers – not just men. Readers will be drawn in by the easy and witty writing style, the attention to detail, and all of Sean’s fans will be thrilled with the personal anecdotes within. Those who read this book will learn that a man can treat his date or significant other with class and still be cool at the same time, and Sean lays out exactly how to get there by sharing his own travel, culinary, entertaining, and life experiences. The recipes look amazing, and if the kitchen intimidates you, the detail provided about how to approach gourmet cooking is impressive. If you buy the book through The Modern Gentleman, Sean will autograph your copy. Keep reading to hear what Sean told about the book, his busy life right now, and his role in Daytime. Your book is so much more than a cookbook, what is the larger concept here?

Sean: I think a lot of guys are confused in the sense that they’re saying, “Am I supposed to be the guy who talks about my feelings – sensitive, vulnerable, communicative – or am I supposed to be the Alpha male – strong, able to take charge, and a problem-solver?” The fact of the matter is it’s somewhere in between and a bit of both. So, really what this book is about is how to take the very best of guys from a generation ago, like Gregory Peck, Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, who know what it was to be a ‘guy’s guy’ and a gentleman effortlessly, and the development that men achieved as a result of the women’s movement, and fuse them together. To help guys become better guys, and to help women understand how guys think (or at least how this guy thinks). That’s the essence of it – that’s one part of it. The other part of it is to teach men, or women, how to use food as a metaphor for connection, how to get in touch with your authentic self, and to learn to engage the senses in the way of engaging people. It was interesting that the book went beyond ‘these are the utensils you use, these are the recipes, and this is how you set the table’. You have chapters on entertaining, languages, and even how to buy a diamond ring. What made you decide to take it there?

Sean: I’ve had the good fortune of leading a pretty interesting life. I’ve learned a lot along the way, I’ve made a lot of mistakes, and I’ve been involved with some very interesting women who taught me a lot of stuff. I love to throw dinner parties; a lot of people who have been to my parties say, “Wow, you should open up a restaurant.” That’s probably the quickest way for someone who doesn’t know about the restaurant business to be separated from their money, so I decided to write a book. It began as a more traditional cookbook, and very quickly I realized that I had the opportunity to make more of an impact. In the book I talk about my work with the anti-defamation league – I wanted to find a way to bridge the gap and see what that nexus was between my work with bullying and cyber-bullying and the book. As Michele [Sean’s girlfriend] said, young men who are taught to be gentlemen grow up to be tolerant, giving, loving, strong guys, as opposed to growing up to be insecure bullies. I wanted to fuse my passion for cooking with what I’ve learned about being a guy. Your experiences in Italy also figure into the book.

Sean: My experiences in Italy had a profound effect on me. I learned how to speak Italian and I have lifelong friends in Italy. It started out when I was on “The Bold and the Beautiful” and I realized how popular the show was there – something sparked in me, and I realized if I could learn to speak Italian I could probably have an entire second career. I still study every day. When you live in a foreign country, you learn what it means to be a gentleman in a different culture. I also learned some great cooking lessons in Italy. It’s little bits and pieces of my life – I didn’t expect the book to be quite as autobiographical as it turned out to be. I’m working on another book right now that is even more autobiographical and has nothing to do with cooking. It’s kind of like a ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul/Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff’, but in a much more detailed way using my life experiences as a backdrop. You’ve got some marketing and contests happening related to The Modern Gentleman?

Sean: Yes, if people would please follow me on Twitter @seankanan. Also, I’m doing a blog right now, leading up to the book coming out, and trying to be really honest and candid about what it’s like. I’m doing one contest where I’m going to give an exact replica of my ‘Elvis Kit’ [from the book] to someone once 10,000 people ‘like’ the book’s Facebook site. I’m also giving three autographed black belts away – because I was in “Karate Kid III” – when I get 5,000 followers on Twitter. There are three beautiful black belts with the person’s name written in silver and a picture of myself and Ralph Macchio from “Karate Kid” for the winners.

Sean Kanan (S. Kanan) The book is available for pre-order right now?

Sean: Yes, the book is available for pre-order. It comes out on September 13, and people can buy it on Amazon or through my website, where I will be glad to sign it for them if they like. Do you have any other appearances coming up besides your book signings?

Sean: I will be appearing on Red Eye on FOX News, which I’m recurring on. I tape it on September 12 and it will air at 3.00 AM EST September 13. I heard a funny story about your hair color the other day…

Sean: Oh my God! I did this feature called, My Trip To The Darkside, and I was playing an Italian guy so I dyed my hair dark brown. I was doing the show and it was dark brown – they didn’t seem to notice on “Y&R” – but I was like, “I want to go back to my normal color,” so Michele, my lovely girlfriend, she tried to help me pull out the dark and it went orange! [laughs] So, I was a ‘ginger’ for a couple days. What else are you working on?

Sean: I did back-to-back independent films, both of which have not come out yet, and it looks like I’m going to be playing the lead in a film called “Angel Falls,” which is kind of going to be a big deal for me. I’ve been in meetings with the producers and director and it’s one of the best scripts I’ve read in the last five years. Switching gears to “Y&R,” what’s happening with Deacon?

Sean: The last stuff I taped was with Michelle Stafford [Phyllis] where I was sort of starting to date her and tell her I was aware of inconsistencies in her story with the murder of Diane [Maura West]. It looks like there’s something going on [with Deacon and Phyllis] and then it just stops. I have no idea what is going on with my character over there. I have no idea when I’m working next. I have no shows scheduled, and I don’t know if they’re going to be calling me to return, or if I will be available to return if they call me. readers have been speculating on the message boards about Deacon returning to “B&B.”

Sean: I saw that too, and I don’t think that’s true either, although that is something I would really love to do. I’ve made no bones about that at all. That was such a great, fun time in my life and I loved working with Brad Bell. I loved what Brad would write for me. If Brad called me to come back and I was available to do it, I would love to. There’s a lot of reason [for the character] to go back.

“I appreciate all of the support the fans have given me, they’ve been very kind over the years, and if they like me and like the character that I play, I certainly talk about some of my experiences in Daytime in the book – not a whole lot – I touch on it,” Sean stated. “In the new book I’m doing I talk about it a lot more, but I think my fans from Daytime will enjoy this book.”

– Candace Young

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Look To The Stars Reports…. Ultimate Bad Guy Does Good At Childrens Hospital…

Actor/producer/director Scott L. Schwartz recently worked on his next film in Cincinnati, OH. While Scott was in town he visited the children at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, as well as The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Cincinnati, on behalf of the Scott L. Schwartz Children’s Foundation.

Scott L. Schwartz is widely known as the “Ultimate Bad Guy” from his acting career including: Ocean’s 11, 12 & 13, Starsky & Hutch, Spiderman, Fun With Dick And Jane, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Star Trek Voyager, among other feature films. Scott L. Schwartz has been visiting children’s hospitals worldwide for the past 12 years after losing his sister to lung cancer in 1998. He realizes the value and impact of making a lasting impression on children with cancer and how important it is to make each child feel special. Scott enjoys visiting pediatric hospitals and bringing what joy he can into the lives of every child he visits. They are always smiling during his visits and usually begging him to return soon.

One of the newest missions that Scott L. Schwartz Children’s Foundation supports is Santa’s Gift. The mission of Santa’s Gift is to bring hope to hospitalized children during a traumatic time of their lives. An interactive visit with Santa allows children to forget their worries for a short period of time by bringing cheer to both the patients and their families. Each child receives an instant photo with Santa as well as an “I Am Loved” teddy bear.

The Scott L. Schwartz Children’s Foundation is making a difference in the lives of each child in need by continuing to visit hospitals worldwide, helping Santa’s Gift, Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC), and Toys For Tots Foundation of Seal Beach.

For more information, visit

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A Proper Violence…


Cinema Epoch and Red Wolf Films Presents the theatrical release of A PROPER VIOLENCE by Chris Faulisi and Matt Robinson…

May 30, 2011 (Culver City, CA) On Friday June 3, 2011 at Culver City Plaza Theatres (9919 Washington Blvd., 8:50pm)
Cinema Epoch and Chris Faulisi of Red Wolf Films are hosting the official film premiere of A Proper Violence. Culver City Plaza Theatres has the honor of showing this film three times per day June 3rd – 9th (1:50pm, 5:30pm, 8:50pm). The official premiere with cast and crew in attendance for a post film Q&A is at 8:50 on June 3, 2011 and will offer fans, press and media the opportunity to watch the film along side the producers, directors and cast….

How far can we go before change becomes impossible? After being released from prison, Morgan Edwards is striving for change and searching for a new life. Desperate for connection, he accompanies three strangers into the woods, and is forced to confront the demons of his past. When it is revealed that his newfound friends are connected to his alleged crimes, redemption becomes secondary to survival. A slow burn to an explosive finish, A Proper Violence is at once a compelling human drama that builds into an edge of your seat thriller that will keep audiences guessing until the final shocking frame. Ultimately a discussion piece, the film challenges its viewers to question their perception of morality.

Director Chris Faulisi: Fresh on the industry circuit, this 22 year old director is making a statement with his debut feature “A Proper Violence”. Blended with layered themes and dark content, Faulisi explores and exposes the human condition, as it has never been seen before. Immediately recognizable is Faulisi’s innate ability to foster truthful, engaging performances and tell a dynamic story. Chris is currently shooting “The Critic” with James Duval and Dominique Swain. After “A Proper Violence”, Faulisi and lead actor Randy Spence began collaborating on “Shift” a drag racing feature that Chris will direct and Randy will star in.

Official Website:

Tickets are available online at:

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Direct: (323) 570-1328


Reading, Writing, It’s Exciting teams up with celebrities at Barnes & Noble to promote literacy…

May 19, 2011 (Los Angeles, CA) The Reading, Writing, It’s Exciting! Program (RWE) is hosting a reading and literacy event at the Westside Pavilion Barnes & Noble (10850 West Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90064) on June 4th & 7th to promote literacy and to shine a spotlight on how important it is for parents to read with their children. To help ensure this message is heard, we have invited various celebrities to read a book (Dr. Seuss or other) for twenty minutes with one of the children at our event (or to their own children). We hope the celebrity participation will help inspire other parents to undertake this all-so-important activity with their own children. Literacy experts have all stated that if parents read to, and with, their children from a young age, it would solve many of our literacy problems.

RWE is a nonprofit literacy program designed to improve the reading and writing skills of at-risk children. We do this by providing one-to-one writing mentors throughout the school year for kids who are chosen by their teachers to participate. At the end of the school year, the kids get to read one of their stories at a Barnes & Noble, and then watch in special VIP seats as actors perform them for the audience.

The reason for our program is that research shows that if children aren’t writing and reading at their grade level by the end of second grade, they almost never catch up. Further research has also shown that as many as 80% of those kids eventually drop out of high school, are unemployed, are in prison or join gangs. And how accurate are those numbers? Several states actually base their future prison building plans on them! What’s the situation like in Los Angeles? There are over 45,000 second grade students in L.A., and only 41% of them are proficient in writing and reading. Those kids need us.

Event Reading Schedule:
2:00 – 3:00 PM: Kindergartners and 1st graders read stories
*3:00 – 4:00 PM: The RWE kids have their stories performed by actors.
*4:00 – 5:00 PM: Celebs read a book with one of their kids.


*5:30 – 6:30 PM: The RWE kids have their stories performed by actors
6:30 – 7:30 PM: 2nd and 3rd graders read stories they’ve written.
7:30 – 8:30PM: 4th and 5th graders read stories they’ve written.

Location: Westside Pavilion Barnes & Noble (10850 West Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90064)

Confirmed Celebrities:
Scott L. Schwartz (Ocean’s 11, 13, 13, The Scorpion King), Sean Kanan (The Young & The Restless, General Hospital), Aura Imbarus (Celebrity book authorPaula Labaredas (The Critic, Showgirl), Nancy La Scala (Species 2, In The Cut), Valery Ortiz (ABC’s Family Lounge), David Fralick (The Story Of Bonnie & Clyde, The Young & The Restless “Larry Warton”), Tommy Hobson (Nickelodeon’s “The Fresh Beat Band”), Tanya Chisholm (Nickelodeon’s “Big Time Rush”), Catalina Rodriquez (Watch Over Me, Dexter, Cougars), Zach Callison (Hannah Montana, Sophia the Great) etc…

For more information about RWE, please visit:

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Dancing With The Stars…

Vote For Kendra Wilkinson & Louis van Amstel:
or text 3407
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Kendra Wilkinson and Louis van Amstel
Kendra’s Photo Gallery

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Kendra Q&A

1.Why do you want to be on Dancing with the Stars? Life is all about timing and this is the perfect time in my life to do it. Hank has is off season so he can take care of the baby. This is almost like my season! I’m in training now haha! It’s something new, something I have never done before, it’s a new challenge.

2. Which dance style do you think is most “you” ? So far the cha-cha. But I haven’t learned that many yet so that could change. I think any Latin dance will be the most me.

3. What do you think is your biggest handicap to overcome if you’re going to win? Louie says I over think, so I need to learn to not over think and just do what I do. Just let everything happen.

4. Do you have a “Dancing” hero (pro dancer? ) / Are any former DWTS stars an inspiration to you? Kelly Osbourne was inspirational because she never gave up and always put her all in to it. She also always looked like she was having a good time when she was performing which is really what is all about. Plus she had Louie!

5. Is there a particular dance/dance style that you most fear? All of it is nerve wracking! I guess any dance that has me spinning around a lot is what I’m scared of.

Iconoclasts: Christian Slater & Christopher Walken

Sean Kanan (“The Young & The Restless) channels two of Hollywood’s best for a not-to-be missed episode of “Iconoclasts.” Written and Directed by: KIRK DIEDRICH Starring: SEAN KANAN Stand-in: TRAVIS RICHEY Camera by: … ROB WOOD Edited by: TRAVIS RICHEY ACME Production Manager: ROB WOOD Produced by DAN KANE and TRAVIS RICHEY

This video premiered in “ACME Saturday Night,” the live online TV show. which features a new celebrity guest each week, as well as a musical guest! For more information and to watch live, go to

THE SICILIAN GIRL is an Italian drama based on true events – Teenage Girl Breaks Mafia’s Code of Silence…


Music Box Films presents THE SICILIAN GIRL private screening Sept 7, 2010 at Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles…

THE SICILIAN GIRL is an Italian drama based on true events – Teenage Girl Breaks Mafia’s Code of Silence… THE SICILIAN GIRL is a fictionalized account based on the life and journals of Rita Atria, the determined 17-year-old daughter of a slain mob boss. Too young and powerless to take immediate revenge, she began keeping detailed notes of the crimes she saw. In 1991, during a period when the Mafia was under increasing pressure from the Italian judicial system, Rita gives evidence to famed anti-Mafia judge Paolo Borsellino against the “family business.” Sicilian native Veronica D’Agostino (Respiro) gives a compelling performance as the impetuous heroine, consumed by rage and grief. Gérard Jugnot (The Chorus) plays the thoughtful, hard-nosed chief prosecutor of Palermo, who has his hands full with the mercurial Rita. Both of them are constantly at deadly risk from the seemingly all-powerful mob. Like the recent hit Gomorrah, this film shows organized crime’s pervasive grip on the country, but is told from a more personal perspective. A native of Sicily, writer/director Marco Amenta has directed several documentaries about the Sicilian Mafia.
“**** (Four Stars)! An enlightening factual and atmospheric account of large-scale corruption and individual courage – Sunday Times (Australia)

“**** (Four Stars)! Highly recommended. Engrossing. As entertaining as any Hollywood Thriller.” – The Dominion Post (New Zealand)

Read the story on director Marco Amenta on indieWIRE:

The film’s running time is 110 minutes; it is not rated.
In Italian; fully subtitled in English. Digital images are available at:

Location: Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles
1023 Hilgard Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Time: Press/Media arrivals begin at 5:45pm
Red carpet arrivals 6:00 – 6:30pm
Pre-screening starts at 7:00pm

Details: Pre-screening
9:00- Q&A
9.30 –11:30 After Party

Event Logistics And Design:
Bella Notte Events
Viviana Salvia
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For Press/Media/RSVP:
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