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MSPR Press Kit 2013-2

MSPR Press Kit 2013-1

MSPR Press Kit 2013-3

MSPR Press Kit 2013-4

MSPR Press Kit 2013-5

MSPR Press Kit 2013-6MSPR Press Kit 2013-7  MSPR Press Kit 2013-8 MSPR Press Kit 2013-9 MSPR Press Kit 2013-10 MSPR Press Kit 2013-11 MSPR Press Kit 2013-12 MSPR Press Kit 2013-13 MSPR Press Kit 2013-14 MSPR Press Kit 2013-15 MSPR Press Kit 2013-16

MS|PR also offers exclusive event packages (Weddings, Birthdays, Showers, Spa Parties, Gifting events, Special Parties, etc…)


For a complete client list please contact me directly. For privacy reasons clients are not listed here. Thank you for understanding and please email me to inquire: mistyschwartzpublicrelations@gmail.com.

PRESS/MEDIA Affiliations/Memberships:

Look To The Stars:


PR Photos: http://www.prphotos.com/store/category.cgi?item=MGR-000013&type=store&ps=15&x-start=0

Judyth Piazza
The Student Operated Press
Host of the American Perspective Radio Program
Literary Advocate
Content Editor Newsblaze
The Sebastian Sun Newspaper

For a custom PR plan/quote please contact us at: mistyepr@gmail.com
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