Promethean Light Media Launches Indiegogo Campaign For Scribehead…

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Promethean Light Media (PLMedia) has successfully launched the Indiegogo campaign for Scribehead (a tool that connects people in entertainment to the rest of the world in a more interactive way, integrates social networking, automated keyword searching and a database of professionals into a single, powerful web community like nothing the entertainment world has ever seen). Indiegogo is a popular international crowd-funding site that allows anyone to raise money for film, music, art, charity, small businesses, gaming, theater, and more. Scribehead is a tool built specifically for the 99% of those failing to get in front of the “right people” to be seen and heard and works 24/7/365 days a year and automatically looks for new talent and original content using your search criteria.

For more information please visit:

Scribehead needs 400K to get this powerful tool launched! The investors and fans’ support will ensure the only tool on the web built to bring aspiring talent directly to the eyes of the entertainment professional is brought to life! Scribehead can be up and running in 90 days with support of donations on the Indiegogo campaign. PLMedia will donate 15% of all funds raised over 400k to benefit charity.

Investor benefits: There are several ways to participate and invest in Scribehead depending on the level you sponsor you may receive any of the following perks/privileges: producer credits, name/photo/bio on website, site sponsor credit on website, company banner on Scribehead website, free subscription to Scribehead, VIP member credit, Scribehead jacket, Scribehead magnet, free submissions on site, and more… For more information on the Indiegogo campaign or to become a part of the Scribehead team by investing please visit:

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PLMedia, a subsidiary of the Promethean Light Group, a team of problem solvers who work directly with you and your employees to see problems differently and create new, more effective solutions by unleashing the full brainpower of your organization, produces digital media projects for any business need, whether you’re looking to create a new branding strategy, market a new product or service, want to shoot a local commercial that will gain you increased visibility or are dreaming of something even bigger. PLMedia was established on the principle that any project can be extraordinary when its created by looking through the right lens. Their creative team will help you achieve the perfect marketing or branding effort through a collaborative process that takes your requirements and blasts them into the stratosphere in terms of the visual results. PLMedia goals are simple: create and deliver services and products that exceed your expectations, amaze your customer audience and lead to lasting relationships.

For more information on the Indiegogo campaign or to donate please visit:

For Press/Media/Sponsorship/Booking:
Extreme Public Relations
Direct: (323) 570-1328


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