Artist Ronnie Watson Debuts Black & White Medium Collection For Charity …

October 18, 2012 (Los Angeles, CA) Los Angeles based artist Ronnie Watson has over 15 years of experience in exotic art and portraits. Is planning to premiere his recent work to benefit various charities.

More about Ronnie: Born in Los Angeles, Ronnie is a self-taught black and white-medium artist inspired by his older brother Parris that was also an artist. He has been passionate about his arts his whole life. Ronnie will launch his collection this fall in Los Angeles. Ronnie Watson is one of those extremely talented artists. He sketches many types of portraits, but his best work involves sketching women and the female form. “I like women, obviously,” laughed Ronnie Watson. “Because I would draw a lot of things-just miscellaneous stuff and it wouldn’t keep my interest. But women always kept me interested.” The mostly self-taught artist, who took art classes in high school, at Quartz Hill High in Lancaster, California, developed his formidable skills there. “They had a good art program there, so I took a lot of their classes,” said Watson.

Ronnie is dedicated to creativity and interested in supporting the artistic community by actively participating in charities to benefit cancer as well as all types of charities around the world. We are showcasing his work globally.

Ronnie hopes to empower artists, creativity and innovation. For more information please visit:

For Press/Media/Booking:
Extreme Public Relations
Direct: (323) 570-1328


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