Miranda Lambert: Four The Record

Miranda Lambert: Four The Record
Chelsea Lewis

Miranda Lambert released her studio album, Four The Record, today. Lambert is known for being the bad girl of country music with a sweet soul. The country singer has always been proud of who she is and is not afraid to show it. She is a Texan, gun loving, hunting woman, who will not comprise her musical sound in order to obtain cross over success. Lambert finds success in just being herself and Four The Record is an elaborate, complex showcase of Lambert’s natural talent that has matured and personal passion.

The following is a track by track analysis of Four The Record:

“All Kinds of Kinds”: The album opens with smooth guitars and a classic country melody. Lambert brings her vocal twang to this motivation tune. This older, classic country style of music sets the tone of the entire Four The Record album.

“Fine Tune”: This track seems to be experimental in its tone, rhythm and distortion of Lamberts vocals. The song sounds like what would happen if country music adopted auto tune. The track is an interesting direction for the album but leaves something to be desired.

“Fastest Girl in Town”: Picking up the pace of the record, “Fastest Girl in Town,” is refreshing after “Fine Tune.” Lambert goes back to her bad girl roots. She uses a guitar and hard edge lyrics to inspire this upbeat anthem. This may end up being the second single off Four The Record. “Fastest Girl in Town,” reminds fans why they fell in love with the “Gunpowder and Lead,” singer. She is not afraid to be crazy and daring when it comes to her musical selections.

“Mama’s Broken Heart”: This song is a classic country tune in the making. Lambert paces her vocals and drum percussion helping the song to build over time. Lambert reminds women that sometimes it is ok to be a little crazy and fall apart. Broken hearts happens all the time.

“Dear Diamond”: “Dear Diamond,” is the first ballad on Four the Record. Lambert brings a slow passionate tune to the single. “Dear Diamond,” showcases her ability to let her personal feelings translate into a song. “Dear Diamond,” has a very similar sound to, “More Like Her,” but this song focuses on marrying the wrong man, instead of the right man letting go of a relationship. What is impressive with this entire record is Lamberts honestly in her lyrics. She is not afraid to be herself and put her feelings on display. Fans instantly connect to that honest emotion.

“Same Old You”: Lambert continues with a slower pace for “Same Old You.” This song feels inspired by very classic country songs. Lambert keeps her vocals simple and just focuses on her lyrics.

“Baggage Claim”: “Baggage Claim,” was the first single off of Four The Record and it is a statement by Lambert, this song is not pop at all and it is heavily driven by country beats. The statement is that country can still top any chart without crossover beats. This track also shows fan that Lambert is still one badass chick and will leave a man at the airport. The track combines soulful vocals and hard-core country beats to create a sexy take on breaking up.

“Easy Living”: A two-step song. Lambert again showcases her vocal abilities and keeps the song simple. The song is a love song, but it does not come across that way at first. The lyrics are complex and showcase Lamberts ability to tell a story.

“Over You”: “Over You,” is elegant and sophisticated. Lambert has a way to bring such true emotions into her song; it is not forced at all. This track feels as though Lambert just opened up a page of her diary and let fans see her true self.

“Look At Miss Ohio”: This song is simply about telling a story. Lambert does not use anything fancy in the production of this song, just a few instruments and Lambert telling the story of Miss Ohio. Fans feel as though Lambert is just singing to them. Few female singers today can just rely on their vocal abilities to carry a song, but “Look at Miss Ohio,” proves Lambert is not just any ordinary country singer.

“Better in The Long Run”: This album seems to have a bit of a sad tone overall, often talking about breaking up, drinking a little to much and being in a bad place but having Mr. Blake Shelton on this track reminds fans that Lambert is in a different place in her life and she is finding happiness. Shelton and Lambert create a beautiful musical collaboration on “Better in The Long Run,” even though the song has a sad tone, their musical harmonies are inspired and remind fans that these two are truly in love.

“Nobody’s Foo”l: This is just a classic Lambert song, simple guitar rifts, powerful vocals and a chorus that everyone will want to sing along with.

“Oklahoma Sky”: The last song on the record, “Oklahoma Sky,” brings the record full circle. “Oklahoma Sky,” is a classic love song, which very well could have been written for her husband, Blake Shelton. The whole album goes through a progression of sadness, self-discovery and ends with love. Four The Record, shows that Miranda Lambert is here to stay on the country charts because she is honest and not afraid to show her vulnerable side. What is not to love about a strong woman from Texas?

Courtesy of :Chelsea Lewis – http://thecelebritycafe.com/reviews/miranda-lambert-four-record-11-01-2011


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